EP02: With Giorgi Mezurnishvili

EP02: With Giorgi Mezurnishvili

Giorgi Mezurnishvili is a solo builder and software developer that reached out on social media to sell me a product! I loved the chat and so we did an episode.

Giorgi reached out to be in early 2022 and I liked the cut of his jib. He'd identified a use case for one of his projects with one of my blog posts. Whilst I didn't purchase, I was impressed with his approach and attitude, so we had to chat!

Hunker down and listen to Season 01 Episode 02 of Built.

Relaunch of S01 EP02 with Giorgi from 2022

Giorgi Mezurnishvili is the founder of Weightless.so
Twitter: @mzrnsh
Blog: https://mzrn.sh



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David Gee

David Gee

I build communication systems like computer & application networks and write software! Then I blog and podcast about it.