EP03: Rafal Wilinski, DynamoDB and Dynobase

EP03: Rafal Wilinski, DynamoDB and Dynobase

In S01 EP03, I talk with Rafal Wilinski, the creator of Dynobase, the UI tool for DynamoDB. Rafal created a great tool and we chat about his journey thus far.

Rafal Wilinski is the man behind Dynobase, a desktop tool for the AWS DynamoDB database. After reading a book on Dynamo, Rafal's tool was mentioned, I tried it, loved it and had to chat! DynamoDB made sense for many of the things I do and Dynobase became a staple tool in my day to day. We introduce Rafal, what drove him down the path of creating a tool and chat what it's like being a creator.

Re-launch of Built.fm for 2023 with Rafal and S01 EP03

You can find Rafal below on Twitter with his product Dynobase.

Twitter: ⁠https://twitter.com/rafalwilinski⁠

Dynobase: ⁠https://dynobase.dev/⁠



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Written by

David Gee

David Gee

I build communication systems like computer & application networks and write software! Then I blog and podcast about it.